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The discipline system is a system for tracking student errors in judgement. It will allow the addition of discipline records, viewing and categorizing of discipline events (records), and the deletion of groups of records over time. These records are not normally removed on a year over year basis, while the student remains enrolled in the school.

In order to use the system, infraction types should be defined first (and of course may be added and removed as required. Select Add Infraction Types from the Discipline page. Up to 6 infraction types (categories) may be defined at a time and there may be an unlimited number in total. These infraction types will then be visible in a list when entering discipline reports. These types may also be viewed or deleted (but not edited since they are so easy to create) using the buttons on the discpline page.

When planning to enter a new discipline record/event, you can search for the student using the same methods as student search (lastname or lastname, firstname or initials normally). Once the correct student is found, click the Add button to start entering the information.

The record includes the current date (which may be changed to suit). It includes a description of the event, the action taken and any followup that will be required. It also includes the nature of the parental/guardian contact.

The private (to admin) checkbox indicates whether this record should also be visible to the teacher site (which can also author and view discipline entries). If selected, it won't be seen from the teacher site.

The author list is created from the staff list. If anyone is missing from this list, they have not been updated in the staff list (on the Start/End of Year (Eoy) page).

Discipline Reports

There are several different types of reports:

  1. Student Discipline Reports - lists all infractions, consequences, etc. for a single student. The student may be searched for like the student search on the main page (by lastname or lastname, firstname or initials). If multiple students are viewed, then by clicking on the Student Name Title, only his/her records will be shown. The summary checkbox also allows only the names to be seen, so that a single student may be selected in this fashion.

  2. School Summary Report - creates a school based report for a certain time period (one month, a term, a quarter, etc.). The layout is the same as for the other discipline reports.

  3. School Statistical Reports - creates statistics for a certain time period (as the report above). These reports can be by infraction category, grade, or class to help categorize particular types of problems in the school.

Attendance and Discpline

The attendance scanning script (outlined in the attendance section) will look for students that have passed certain defined attendance points and automatically allows the generation of discipline reports and form letters.

In order to use this function, certain values have to be set in your configuration file. First, all attendance reasons have to have a defined point value (which would be 0 for execused absences normally). Then, based on your school attendance policy, you can define certain trigger points that will cause the creation of the discipline records and form letters.

Once this has been done, you can run the attendance scanning script daily or weekly to look for students passing these trigger points. You can then print the results form letters and mail to parents. The wording of the form letters is stored in the system (in your schools template/forms folder) and can be changed by your network administrator.

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