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The Locker System

The locker system is designed to allow the staff to manage both locks and lockers in the school. An outline of it's use would be:

  1. Add Locks and Lockers. These will be assigned to students and must be created before they can be used. A lock has some characteristic values:

Lockers and Locks

A locker has several characteristics:

The scripts to add locks and lockers will allow multiple entries to be made at one time, to speed up the entry process. By default, the lock add script will allow you to add 8 locks at a time. You can increase this number, by using the input box on the top left of the screen to enter a larger value (ie. 20). Then click the Add Locks button beside it.

In order to add lockers to the system, the start screen shows a starting and ending value to enter. If you are entering lockers in a particular location that are sequentially added, this would be the easiest approach. You would enter this location in the Area field, and leave the comment field blank. Clicking the Cleaned checkbox will indicate that all of the lockers are cleaned. You can unclick (unselect) any that aren't in the next screen. The same is true for all other fields. If you use starting and ending values, these will be inserted into your locker number field. It you simply use the Number to Add field instead, they will not be added into the locker number field.

Once you click the Save button, all lockers will be saved. You would normally only have to update your school inventory of locks and lockers once, unless you add more lockers or additional locks due to normal attrition of locks by students. The lock is normally linked to the locker rather than the student(s), since there can nly be 1 lock per locker, but there may be more than one student per locker. The student(s) are linked to their locker.

View/Edit/Delete Locks and Lockers These buttons allow the user to periodically make changes to records in the event of a lost lock or changes in a locker value, etc. due to mistakes in entry. This is not the place to change locker assignments, etc.

In the lock script you can delete the lock (if not assigned to a locker). You would have to unassign the lock first before deleting its record. You can also edit the record to fix an incorrect combination, etc. You click on the lock number (normally highlighted in blue) to edit the record.

In the locker script, you can do exactly the same things. Click on locker number to edit. Click on Delete to delete (but unassign first if assigned to students before deleting). You might do this if the locker was damaged and not suitable for student use.

Assign Lockers and Locks Both locks and students are linked to lockers. First click the Assign Lockers button. When you are assigning lockers to students, you first of all select the students. Select Grade or Homeroom and then enter values for the groups. For example if you want to assign lockers to the grade 9's and 10's together, then enter9 10 in the entry field.

Next you choose the lockers to assign. If you have added locations for the different groups of lockers you can then select them by this means. Use the selection menu to choose the appropriate location. Alternatively you can simply choose a number range for the lockers to assign. The starting locker number should be smaller than the ending locker number.

Finally, you can assign locks to the lockers at the same time. If you wish, first select the Assign Locks checkbox. In order to use a certain group of locks, from a particular 'pool' of locks ( we have pails filled with locks for each group (pool)), select the appropriate pool. Otherwise, the next available lock will be assigned to a locker.

The next screen does the actual assignment of lockers (and locks). Unselect (uncheck) any locker assignments that you don't want. Do the same thing for any lock assignments you don't want to occur.

The lock assignment process can be separate from the locker assignment process. For example, the secretaries can do the locker assignment and the teachers, from the teacher site, can then assign and pass out the locks in a separate procedure (after lockers were assigned).

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